The company was called ISGM.

In just 7 years ISGM had become a $500m turnover company by transforming the typical customer service experiences of large Telco's into brilliant service outcomes that delight customers, while costing large business less. How? By replacing complex sub-contractor service models with radically simpler, transparent ways of working that reward technicians and trades for exceptional outcomes.  

ISGM had 3.5 million front line interactions with customers but zero consumer brand awareness. They were targeting bold new growth from several industry sectors beyond telco.  Yet weren’t presenting as the game changing high growth business they genuinely are. To grow they needed to attract and retain over 6000+ of the best technicians and trades in the industry. 


We established clear, inspiring future vision and management aligned with making it happen.  We linked business and brand strategy, changing the company name to Tandem, a name with strong meaning able to span all industries, and memorable with both consumer and business audiences. We regrouped and renamed lines of business to strengthen understanding of Tandems scaleable business value, promote easy cross selling, and protect it's one team culture.


We created a bold new brand narrative, visual identity and comms repositioning the business for a new growth era.  To preserve their distinct challenger brand mind-set we developed 5 core values that celebrate how Tandem people think and act to consistently deliver the promise of 'Exceptional Outcomes, Simply Delivered.  This brand promise sits at the heart of all external comms.  


The idea of  'Experience exceptional with us' was woven through employee recruitment and on-boarding. 

* Project in collaboration with SML design, Melbourne.

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