Hyundai has a bold vision to become the most loved car brand in Australia. Since 2005 Hyundai has been one of the fastest growing car brands in Australia. To continue growing and be a loved brand the badge needed to stand for more than ‘value for money’.  Yet marketing activity was stuck in short term retail activity to achieve monthly targets - reinforcing value for money perceptions. A circuit breaker in brand and marketing communications was needed. We needed to displace outdated brand perceptions and dial up emotive brand connection and desirability so the value in the badge was greater than sum of its product features.

* Strategy led by Heidi Noujeim. Creative by Simon Wright. Work undertaken with Principals Sydney.


Using quant research we clarified the exact dimensions of Hyundai’s brand consideration problem. Then developed a brand repositioning strategy to shift outdated legacy perceptions on safety and quality that were unfairly holding the brand back. We dug deep into Hyundai company history and the many positives of South Korean cultural innovation that made New Thinking, New Possibilities a bold brand idea Hyundai could absolutely own. We created digital content to surprise and engage Australians with many impressive, unknown world first, and innovations Hyundai was leading.  We refreshed Hyundai brand identity for a new growth era, developed creative briefs for each car model - all designed to shake-up old thinking and create bold new intrigue and appeal with new car buyers.

Proudly created by CHOSEN* 2017